Main Belt Asteroid (410928) Maidbronn - the consequences of the discovery

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The response to the discovery of the people and the media was really surprising to me.
Chaos theory played godfather and produced a kind of a snowball system. Read the complete story here:

The butterfly strike caused...

At a class reunion of my high school graduate class in 2012 I mentioned the discovery of some asteroids rather casually,
which at that time had not yet been confirmed by the MPC.

...a breath of wind:

A classmate passed this information to his brother Klaus R�fer, a bavarian radio reporter.
Klaus made an appointment with me in my apartment and the interview was then broadcast on Bavarian radio in 2012.
I promised to contact him if an asteroid discovery was confirmed, which I did in early January 2015.

The branches on the trees begin to bend... :

As agreed, Klaus was the first reporter to conduct another interview with me, this time with the background of confirmation of the discovery by the MPC.

...and a local little storm breaks out:

After the interview was heard on Bayerischer Rundfunk, he informed the local press and local and Bavarian television stations.
From that moment on I experienced a story that I could not have dreamed of as a stargazer.
That day I received an inquiriy from a local newspaper for an interview and without prior notice a television team appeared at my front door with their cameras out.
That same evening I was able to watch the discovery story on local television and could read the story in the newspaper the next day.

The wind began to gain strength...:

In addition, the DPA (German press agency) asked for an interview date.
The DPA team with Christiane Gl�ser and her photographer David Ebener came to my apartment a few days later
and we chatted about the discovery and David took a few photos. Then nothing happened for two days.

...and swept the land and the world:

On February 2, 2015, Christiane Gl�ser's article in German and English appeared in most German-language newspapers and on the Internet,
which she distributed worldwide via the DPA network. Internationally I found the story with pictures e.g. in The Gulf Time, Borneo Bulletin or the Indian Punjab Kesari TV,
last written there in the local language.

"German amateur discovered an asteroid from his terrace"...
pagewide articles in newspapers and internet, written by Christiane Gl�ser, dpa W�rzburg:
The Gulf Time in English

But this shouldn't be the climax of the story ...

Finally, Bavarian television contacted me and asked for a film about the asteroid discovery on the Franco-German broadcaster arte.
The TV team was then in my region for two days and they filmed in my apartment and at the W�rzburg University.
The result was a nice report about the asteroid Maidbronn, which was broadcast several times by X: enius.

The storm passes:

This great experience around the confirmation of my first asteroid discovery inspired me to continue my little contribution to the exploration of space.

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Internet examples:

Search term in search machines: "asteroid Maidbronn"


B82 Maidbronn on the Night of the Stars on X:enius of the TV channel ARTE on August, 8 2015:

Infinite Universe - also limitless view?  


credit: BR


carnival procession in Maidbronn February 2015

"A star that bears our name" - "Mr. H�usler has discovered the asteroid and aroused our interest in astronomy"   Credit: Carnival Club Maidbronn


Lecture on Astronomy Day 2015 on the observatory W�rzburg (around 30 listeners)                                               Credit: Peter Schramm, Sternwarte W�rzburg

"Franconia in Space", lecture of Dr. Thomas M�ller in Birnfeld in April 2015

Lectures "Franconian Minor Planets" in Birnfeld on April 2015 (around 100 listeners)

Left to right:
Dr. Thomas M�ller, MPE Garching, Minor Planet (8793) Thomasm�ller was named after him.
Bernhard H�usler, Maidbronn, the discoverer of (410928) Maidbronn.
Felix Hormuth, MPIA Heidelberg, the discoverer of about 200 asteroids on Calar Alto Observatory, Spain,
he suggested the name for the minor planets (365130) Birnfeld and (365131) Hassberge.

Arrival of television crews of Arte (X:enius) of the Bavarian Broadcast BR in February 2015

cameraman of the crew

Preparation of the shoot in my living room

The real star - the fully equipped telescope with CCD camera in preparation for a starry night


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