My equipment on B82 Maidbronn (retired)

On K87 Dettelbach Vineyard Observatory I'm still using the camera SBIG ST-10XME, the rest of the equipment is completely changed

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[runaway error of my LX200] [Ausreißer Fehler LX200] [lx200_classic_storyboard]

New: description of the troubleshooting caused by a runaway error of my LX200 Classic.  (2009-12-04)  (auf Deutsch)

Storyboard of my LX200 Classic since 1997

Since December, 26 2008 the Minor Planet Center assigned the code B82 Maidbronn to my observatory place.

On September,28 2009 I discovered my first main belt asteroid in B82 Maidbronn: (410928) Maidbronn

All observations of comets and minor planets taken from my location are submitted to the MPC.
The astrometry and photometry for the MPC is performed by Astrometrica of Herbert Raab.
For performing photometry I use FOCAS II of Cometas_Obs
The images are  processed with Astrometrica, CCDSoft Version 5, MaxIM DL, AstroArt and Adobe Photoshop CS3.
The videos and animations  are created with Studio Version 9 or Adobe Fireworks CS3.

When I bought this telecope in 1992 here in Germany, I belonged to an exotic group of amateurs in contrary to the most observers at this time.
Computerized telescopes were still taboo for many amateurs in the nineties. 

The flying telescope

 me and my LX200

Classical LX200 12" f-10, here reduced to f-5.6 with a Lumicon Giant Easy Guider.
(Meanwhile I use also a Robofocus and a True Technology Ltd. 5 x 2" Filter Wheel sattled on the CCD camera)
On the image you see a hand controlled  2" filter wheel with IR Blocking, UHC, OIII, Hß and Swan filters, CCD camera: ST10XME of SBIG

This telescope was running since 1992 without any basic maintenance. In 2004 it fell from the balcony you see on the image.
A tremendous squall during a thunderstorm lifted up the telescope and threw it over the balustrade headfirst into a bush 3 meters down.
The bush was absurbing the fall and brought the telescope back on its right position before it touched  the ground.
The wet grass ground catched the telescope with the tripod in position down and deformed parts of it. But the body of the scope was unhurt.
After replacing the tripod everything was working properly, even the mirror had no scratches. Such kind of solid scope should bring
a good price :), but I will never sell it, sorry.

my LX200 and ccd equipment     

View in direction South, location: 49°51" N, 9°58' O, 260 m above sea level    

Actual equipment for comet and asteroid photography:

B82 Telescope

Telescope: Classical LX200 12", year of construction: 1992
CCD camera: SBIG ST10XME, year of construction: 2001
Reducer: Lumicon Giant Easy Guider, effecting f-6.532 on my telescope
Focuser: RoboFocus

Filter Wheel: True Technology Ltd. 5 x 2" Filter Wheel (not on the image)
Dew remover: Kendrick DigiFire 10

As you see, my view is very restricted by the balcony. But over the night, most of the comets are crossing my field of view.
The 130.000 inhabitants city of Wuerzburg is situated 7 kilometers (4 miles) southwards. For naked-eye observation the light pollution is very disruptive.
But the CCD camera is pretty excusing this problem, especially at dry, clear skies.

This bundle of steal, glass and wires is controlled over four interfaces.
Over the COM1 port (special interface cable USB to COM #38011 of  W&T) the telescope is connected to the computer (now 64bit Windows 10) and controlled by TheSkyX Pro.
The COM2 Port (second interface cable #38011) is controlling the RoboFocus.
The COM7 Port is handling the True Technology Ltd. 2" Filter Wheel.
A fourth cable is connecting the CCD camera via USB2. The imaging software is CCDSoFT of Software Bisque.

The views from my home:

B82 view North-West


B82 view South


B82 view East


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