sky quality meter SQM on K87 Dettelbach Vineyard Observatory

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The best result so far achieved with the SQM was a sky background of 21.36 Mag / Sq Arcsec on May, 12 2020 at 01:00h local time on K87 Dettelbach Vineyard Observatory.
The skies was crystal clear that night also due the Covid 19 restrictions on air traffic!

If the observatory is working, the following images are showing the quality of the sky between the nautical twilights,
measuered with a sky quality meter SQM
Data are available after sunset and before sunrise. Date and Time in UT+2 in Summer, UT+1 in Winter


Last situation of magnitude/Sq Arcsec and Moon Alitude

NELM: Naked Eye Limiting Magnitude that corresponds to the meter's Mag/Sq Arcsec value

Last readings of the SQM

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