sky quality meter SQM on K87 Dettelbach Vineyard Observatory

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SQM 2015.10.02 | SQM 2015.09.27 | SQM 2015.09.19 | SQM 2015.09.18 | SQM 2015.09.14 | SQM 2015.09.11 | SQM 2015.09.10 | SQM 2015.09.09 | SQM 2015.09.04

SQM Reader Pro Reading Maps worldwide.
The best result so far achieved with the SQM was a sky background of 21.1
6 Mag / Sq Arcsec on April, 20 2017 at 00:05h on K87 Dettelbach Vineyard Observatory.

If the observatory is working, the following images are showing the quality of the sky,
measuered with a sky quality meter SQM-LE of Unihedron and SQM software of Knightware.
Data are available after sunset and before sunrise. Date and Time in UT+2

sky quality SQM MPSAS © by Bernhard Häusler, Germany

Last situation of magnitude/Sq Arcsec and Moon Alitude

sky quality SQM   NELM © by Bernhard Häusler, Germany

NELM: Naked Eye Limiting Magnitude that corresponds to the meter's Mag/Sq Arcsec value

sky quality SQM readings © by Bernhard Häusler, Germany

Last readings of the SQM, Time UT+2, MPSAS = Mag/Sq Arcsec

local weather in Dettelbach:

     Weather Underground PWS IDETTELB15

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[SQM 2015.10.02]
[SQM 2015.09.27]
[SQM 2015.09.19]
[SQM 2015.09.18]
[SQM 2015.09.14]
[SQM 2015.09.11]
[SQM 2015.09.10]
[SQM 2015.09.09]
[SQM 2015.09.04]

[SQM 2015.10.02] [SQM 2015.09.27] [SQM 2015.09.19] [SQM 2015.09.18] [SQM 2015.09.14] [SQM 2015.09.11] [SQM 2015.09.10] [SQM 2015.09.09] [SQM 2015.09.04]


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