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Depending on the interest, the observer can create his own object list with any asteroids, which can be included in the planning selection area.
Application examples are the self-discovered numbered asteroids, which mostly come from the main belt, outer belts or discovered objects that are not yet numbered.

With the help of this function, a previously popular follow-up list of your own objects is no longer necessary.
hese objects are included in the planning process and taken into account in the final list, if the selection was successful according to the settings parameters.

In order to be able to carry out the planning in a stable manner, all objects entered are checked for validity. 
Please load the current MPCOrb.dat in the Loading window, which checks the existence of the objects and do not enter more than about 100 objects here.

If the objects are loaded via a .txt or .csv file, always fill these files with the numbers of the object. Examples: 99942 or 2009 ST243

The operation of the inputs should be self-explanatory.


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